Happy Birthday Douglas Adams

There is, for some reason,
Something especially grim
About the nature of plastic cutlery,
Pocket books of poetry,
Portugal on a Tuesday,
And the wind chimes on the porch
When you’ve distinctly called
For their resignation.

It’s out of sorts to believe
You can solve these problems
With only a broiled potato.
The truth of it is
Lots of people are mean,
Including those with digital watches.
It’s how the world works,
I’m afraid.


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About Josie

I run slowly through forests, eat spoonfuls of Jif's Natural creamy peanut butter, and perpetually wear a fuzzy Patagonia sweater I found for $3.50 at a charity shop in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I deal in trees, breeze, and threes. I'm not interested in being normal. I'm not looking to pass GO. I'm not looking for anything other than unbeknownst freedom.