Life Lived on Purpose

This society in which I am immersed makes me feel dissonance. I look out and I see people obsessed with money, proud of their fears, content in stagnation, focused on appearance. It seems empty to me. It has always seemed empty.

The societal mindset to which I refer are the notions that money makes the world go round. That fear is something to stay away from. That the human potential is limited by things like socioeconomic status and genetics. That what we are is what we look like.

I want to challenge all of that.

I believe that money is not essential for adventure. That often it is a deterrent for adventure. I believe that we do not need everything we claim we do, and when we question our own needs, we find that the simpler things become–the more essential it all can boil down to–the happier we are. The more free we become.

I believe that fear is limiting. I believe that it shouldn’t be labeled as “gut instinct”, but as something within that needs to be addressed. Afraid of what people are going to say about you? Read Seneca. Meditate over Stoicism. Practice what you fear. Transcend the fear.

I believe that the human potential is nearly unlimited. That we can do whatever we want. I believe this comes through visualization and self-talk; what we can imagine and what we say to ourselves are the only things that limit us. Not money, not societal status, not genetics, not what anyone else says about you.

If we are not growing, we are dying.

What’s the point of stagnation? What’s the point of mediocracy? What’s the point of remaining comfortable?

We don’t live forever. So why spend our lives dying?

I believe that happiness stems from consciousness. Pure, authentic consciousness. Consciousness is honed and examined and sharpened by struggle. By suffering. I want to seek struggle. I want to seek the hard path. I want to see how much I can take. I want to feel that moment when I realize my breaking point is farther away than I imagined.

I want to use my curiosity over this world, over the internal dissonance, over my potential and I want to use this blog to examine it.

I want to share it with those who also experience dissonance. Who also believe that this societal mindset renders us empty. Who also believes that there is more than what society is telling us.

There is more to life than comfort.

I know this for two reasons: first, if it weren’t true, the richest people would be the happiest. And we both know that isn’t the case. Second, I have found that in the moments of my most extreme discomfort, I emerge stronger, healthier, more content, more conscious, more loving. And in those moments, I feel the most alive.

I challenge what is societally acceptable. I know that there is more to life than money, possessions, status. I can feel that there is more to living than fitting in.

This blog is for those who feel that, too.

Peace and blessings,


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